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Assistance to the home – personal home services that help a person (family) to manage the household and to participate in public life.

Help to home users:

  • · adult persons with disabilities and their families;
  • · elderly persons and their families;
  • · children with disabilities and their families;
  • · other persons and the family (temporarily due to illness or other reasons, the autonomy of the denied persons).

Aid to the house services shall be granted only for a single personwithout close relatives (children, spouses), which could take care of him, or if a person's close relatives are who have lost 75-100 per cent. the incapacity for work established high-level special needs, provide personal care or supervise their family member who have been established a severe or moderate disability level, from 0 to 40 % capacity, medium or large special needs or are at social risk persons. Help in home services available for and other nenumatytasis cases where there is a Raseiniai district municipality for the special needs of the level of identification and social care services for granting approval of the commission.

Aid in home services – provided by a person at home from 5 pm. up to 10 hours. per week.

Day social care personal home means the set of services that person provided to the complex, ongoing specialist care requiring assistance at home during the day.

Day social care recipients are persons with severe disabilities, whose opportunities in the main their activities in the areas of health status are completely limited without the help of others can not perform almost anything, the special needs of the volume is large, and because the statutory procedure is laid down in special nursing needs or permanent care (assistance) needs due to mental weakness or psychiatric disorders.

Day social care service users:

  • · children with severe disabilities;
  • · adults with severe disabilities;
  • · the retirement age for persons with severe disabilities.

Day social care service personal home duration of 2 hours. up to 8 hours. during the day, up to 5 times per week.

For aid to the home and day social care services for the person at home the receipt of the person (one of adult family members) or his guardian, trustee or the person concerned appeals to the personal (family) place of residence region is also, fills in the Application – an application to social services to receive and providepersonal identity document.

Ward, specialist or social worker, the person (guardian, trustee) Request-application, not longer than within 14 calendar days, must assess the person (family) social service needs. Personal need for social care assessment is carried out within 30 days of receipt of the request. All filled documents shall be submitted to the Social assistance department.

Tax for social services the size of the person (family) is determined individually, taking into account the person's (family's) financial possibilities to pay for social services a person (family) social services type, however, cannot be higher than a person (family) social services price.

Personal (family) financial opportunities are undervalued when a person (family) agrees to pay the full social price of the services.

Raseiniai social services centre provided assistance to the home and day social care personal home services price approved Raseinių rajono savivaldybės tarybos 2020 m. lapkričio 26 d. sprendimu Nr. TS-324 ,, Dėl Raseinių socialinių paslaugų centro teikiamų pagalbos į namus ir dienos socialinės globos asmens namuose paslaugų kainų patvirtinimo“.  


Pagalbos į namus paslaugos 1 val. kaina: 6,59 Eur

Dienos socialinės globos asmens namuose paslaugos 1 val. kaina: 6,76 Eur


– Social services law;

– Social services directory;

– The Republic of lithuania social security and labour and the minister 2006-04-05 order No A1-94 "Due to Personal (family) social service need identification and allocation of the description of the procedure and the older person and adult with disabilities in a social care need methodology for the determination of the approval;

– Payment for social services description of the procedure;

– Government of Republic of lithuania in 2006. 10 October. resolution No 978 "On social services financing and the funds calculation methodology confirmation".

   Dėl detalesnės informacijos kreiptis į  Raseinių socialinių paslaugų centro Integralios pagalbos skyriaus vyr. socialinę darbuotoją Ivetą Jakaitytę (Žemaitės g. 4, Raseiniai, tel. (8 428) 72 038, el. p. iveta.jakaityte@rspc.lt).

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