Raseiniai social services centre

Family support division

               Family support division shall organize and provide efficient and quality services, which provide families facing risk, to live fully the life.

Chapter provides general service – information and consultation, representation, and special services of this social skills training and support services.

Chapter objectives:

  • Social services provide assistance to a person (family), on the grounds of age, disability, social problems, partially or completely unskilled, neįgijusiam or an unconscious abilities or possibilities to independently care for the person (family) life and to participate in social life.
  • Enable a person (family) to develop or strengthen the skills and capabilities to independently solve his social problems, maintain social relations with society as well as help to overcome social exclusion.

Chapter objectives:

  • To organize general and special services for families for risks and their growing children.
  • Encourage families exposed to the risk of the activity in solving problems.
  • To reduce the families suffering from the risks they growing children to social exclusion.
  • Develop service recipient's independence, problem-solving skills.
  • Search for the most rational ways of addressing families experiencing risk problems.

 Dėl detalesnės informacijos kreiptis į Raseinių socialinių paslaugų centro direktoriaus pavaduotoją socialiniams reikalams Astą Urbonienę (Žemaitės g. 4, Raseiniai, tel. (8 428) 53 729, mob. 8 671 49 578, el. p. asta.urboniene@rspc.lt).

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