Raseiniai social services centre

This year, the September 27 day of Raseiniai Viktoras Petkaus the main school hall was mentioned in the Lithuanian social workers ' day. On this day, the welcome words of the workers said the Municipality mayor Andrew Bautronis, the Seimas of the state of Vida Ačienė, deputy mayor Kęstutis Užemeckas, the Municipal council member of the Mingaudas Tamaliūnas, Seimas vice-chairman Arvydas Nekrošiaus assistant Algimantas Mielinis. The event also took part in the Municipal administration director Edmund Jonyla, the administration, the vice-director of the Irma juknevičienė went on to say, the Social assistance division Loreta Laugalienė and other staff responsible. This year, the most dedicated social workers of the Municipal mayor A. Bautronis, deputy mayor K. Užemeckas, director of administration E-Jonyla and administration, the vice-director I. juknevičienė went on to say awarded letters of thanks and flowers. The mayor's thanksgiving was handed the centre care therapist Danutei Judickienei and nurses Rasai Puišienei. As well as thanksgiving scriptures of employees (Indrei Šalvaitienei, Laura Greičiūtei, Contrast Molotokienei, Virginija Danusienei, Daivai Milašienei) handed and Raseiniai social services centre, the vice-director for social affairs Asta Urbonienė. The celebration was crowned with the musical group Voiceless performance. Later the staff of the centre visited Kaunas Girstučio culture house that appears in the play "Loto".

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