Raseiniai social services center

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The center activity – human health and social work activities.

Raseiniai social service center:

  • provides information and advice Raseiniai district municipality population about the Center of the social services and their receipt of opportunities, having regard to the person (family) the nature of the problems and the need for services, provide a range of social services and shall ensure the quality of services;
  • provide disability-related technical assistance tools;
  • the development and implementation of various social programs, projects and / or involving them in the implementation and (or) to organise joint events, projects with social services and other agencies, non-governmental organisations engaged in social activities;
  • The centre's director in accordance with the conditions, having regard to the person (family) needs, organized by the social service provision and they are provided;
  • The centre's director in accordance with and under the conditions for the organisation of transport service non-governmental organisations engaged in social activities and do not have their own transport, they paying for the cost of fuel;
  • cooperate with the Raseiniai district municipality administration of the Social assistance department, the authorities responsible for the protection of children's rights, health care, law enforcement, education, cultural and other institutions and non-governmental organisations;
  • if necessary, in accordance with legal acts can arrange health care services, voluntary activities
  • performs case management functions and coordinate case management processes, working with families
  • in the exercise of sentenced social integration in the second phase, coordinate measures involved in their implementation;
  • law to carry out social services for an assessment of the needs and personal (family) financial assessment, for determining payment for social services, the size and sources
  • prepare and submit required reports, information Center of excellence in matters of the local Municipality and other authorities under the terms and conditions
  • to comply with other local social service measures provided for in the Municipal strategic development plan and the strategic action plan, and report to the
  • appreciate the natural person opportunities to take care of ourselves and take day to day decisions independently or through the aid in a specific area and prepares conclusions
  • bring to the Social support of the family of an information system the data on the performance of the accredited social care services, the bringing of the Municipal administration legislation
  • performs other of the republic of Lithuania laws of the Republic of Lithuania, Government resolutions and other legal acts of the functions laid down in accordance with their scope of activities and the type of
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