Raseiniai social services center

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About the center

 2011. 27 September. Raseiniai district municipality council decision No. (1.1)TS-196 established the " Raseiniai social service center, which the register of Legal persons registered in 2011. 18 October.

A brief history of the building.

1940-1960 were the medical apartments of the Raseiniai Hospital, from 1961-1988. Tuberculosis dispensary operated, 1989-1997. internal medicine department and nursing department, and in 1998-2008 hospital accounting.

in 2011 October 18 Arvydas Spurga has been appointed as the director of the Raseiniai social services center of the public institution to temporarily act as director. in 2012 By the decision of the Raseiniai District Municipal Council "Regarding the appointment of Arvydas Spurga to the post of director of the Raseiniai Social Services Center at Public Enterprise" no. (1.1) TS – 238 Arvydas Spurga was appointed director.

            in 2017 August 24 Raseiniai District Municipality Council Decision No. TP-294 VšĮ Raseinių social services center, code 302677776, located at Žemaitė st. 4, Raseiniai, the data is collected and stored in the Register of Legal Entities, transformed into the JV Raseiniai social services center, code 302677776, located at Žemaitės st. 4, in Raseiniai, and from 2018 January 1 acquired the legal form of a budgetary institution. 

The JSC Raseiniai social services center took over all the rights and duties of the JSC Raseiniai social services center from the day of registration of the new data of the institution and its provisions in the Register of Legal Entities.

 in 2017 December 20 Raseiniai District Municipality Mayor's Decree No. MP-117 "Regarding the continuity of the employment relationship of Arvydas Spurga in the position of the director of the Raseiniai Social Services Center of the municipal budgetary institution" Arvydas Spurga was appointed as the director.  

 2024 m. vasario 28 d.  Raseinių rajono savivaldybės Mero potvarkiu Nr. MP-4 „Dėl Violetos Mielinienės skyrimo į  Raseinių socialinių paslaugų centro direktoriaus pareigas“  Violeta Mielinienė paskirta direktore.

The center of the target – provide quality social services Raseiniai the inhabitants of the district, in order to prevent personal, family, community, social problems arise, as well as the public social security to ensure

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