Raseiniai social services centre

We invite you to Raseiniai district living in families, in everyday life faced with requests to various challenges and difficulties – families, experienced a close loss, divorce, disease, etc., parents, contact with child rearing/parenting difficulties auginančius children with disabilities, pregnant women, families, slaugančias loved ones at home, persons with problems of drug or other psychoactive substance use, addicted to gambling, families, experiencing relationship problems or crises of other social risk factors, which reduce the family require different types of support – for assistance, contact the integrated services.

The light to family difficulties, the family provided cross-cutting services:

  • Positive parenting training – (services families wishing to improve or acquire parenting skills in order to develop the best parental and children's characteristics and help them to develop their skills and options);
  • Psychosocial aid – (assistance for persons who are under crisis or advanced traumuojančius emotional experiences (illness, loss, divorce and etc.) and their families, their loved ones, including psychological assistance, as well as help to overcome the dependencies of psychoactive substances, etc.), individual consultations; group consultations; family consultations;
  • Family skills development and socio-cultural services – support groups; family camp; lectures on relevant family topics;
  • Music therapy services;
  • Child care services (hourly child care services for which may be provided for not more than 4 hours per day for all the parents (adoptive parents, guardians) with children (adopted, globotinius) from three years until child starts to attend a mainstream institution, at the time when the parents are involved in one of project activities);
  • Personal assistant service – according to the individual needs of the person needs, the person is given individual help at home and in public environment (palydint and communicating) to live in the community and integrate into it, to prevent isolation of the person from the community and to promote the autonomy, necessary for daily life (persons from 16 years of age, who Social integration of disabled people in accordance with the law laid down degree of disability or capacity for work level due to the physical (movement, sight, hearing, internal organ disorders) and / or complex disability.

All project services to families are free of charge.

The project operator– Raseiniai district municipality administration.

For information contact the Communitarian family home address: Žemaitė g. 4, decreased by half. Phones: (8 428) 72 036, mob. tel. 8 672 62 953, el. email: bsnraseiniai@gmail.com.

More detailed information about the project can be found on the websites: www.raseiniai.lt, www.rspc.lt

The project is funded by the European social fund www.esinvesticijos.lt

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